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Good press work is just as important as good advertising.

However, a press release must adhere to guidelines in order tobe successful. Guiding principle for the press release: First things first

The headline on average used an editor around 10 seconds later to decide whether a press release is relevant to him or not.

This time must use it to make clear the Jounalisten what is at stake in a message: The title counts.

If the editor has quickly clarity about the area in which a message is to be classified, he can forward it to the competent colleagues or they process itself.

Does he have to only look longer to recognize the theme of communication, the paper goes into the trash. So go already in the headline on the main theme.

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Has the reader decided after the heading to read further, you have half the battle: He is interested in the topic.

Now it is in the first few sentences convey all the important facts.

Because the editor has little time, so the information has to get as quickly as possible.

There is the lead, the bias for these purposes.

The daily press particularly hard working with the lead, because they know that the reader has little time and must be quickly informed about all the facts in short clear sentences.

To really forget any of the facts, you should ask yourself the so-called wh-questions and answer them in the lead.

The basic questions are: who does what, when, where, how and why, also could be a for how much here still accommodate.

For a good leader rich may have a few of these basic questions. However, should be Always with the questions who, what and when. In the first sentence already has to be clear what it is - the most important first!

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